The Drunk Maitre D 

The Drunk Maitre D is  an inspiration of how hospitality should look like. You can see a professional who is 100 % in control of his trade. He enjoys what he is doing and it comes to him effortless. The movement in the picture resembles the constant change and development in gastronomy, the mix of creativity and tradition. The diversity of the colours, the undefined lines of the figure is like hospitality itself. It's not an exact science, the best professionals among us have their own style and ideas about how to entertain and serve the guests. You can't put it in one box. There are millions of interpretations, new generations create new trends, renovate old procedures. Its organic, its alive like the Maitre D himself. He opens his arms to welcome all guests to this exciting world of food and beverage. He looks up, and his happy and thankful, that with hard work he became a true master of his art. And through him, everybody can experience hospitality at its best! 


"To invest in wine, is a noble cause!"