September 12, 2018

The Drunk Maitre D

Published by László Zupán · 

9 September at 11:33 · 

         Some of you might have heard of the Italian Riesling in Hungarian olaszrízling. This is Hungary's most planted grape variety. But most foreigners never heard about it and most Hungarians don t know that it's not even related to the German Riesling family. 
The origin is disputed, some say it originates from the French Champagne region and was brought to east Europe by the Romans. Since the German name for it is Welschriesling, which means "foreign" which some sources connect with the ancient Romans. But some resea...

November 22, 2016

Luxury Beverage Company of the United Kingdom, the firm behind the world’s most luxurious non-alcoholic beverage Ruwa, has now unveiled Isabella’s Islay, the world’s most luxurious whisky. They are claiming it to be the most expensive beverage product in the world as of now. The Isabella’s Islay whisky is available in two editions. The Isabella Original retails for £3.8 million ($6.2 million), and flaunts over 8500 diamonds, almost 300 rubies and the equivalent of two bars of white gold all covering a fine English Crystal decanter and the Very Old Single Malt cask strength Islay whisky inside. Each individual Isabella Islay is ha...

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