Pálinka is a traditional fruit brandy in Central Europe with origins from the Carpathian Basin, known under several names, and invented in the Middle Ages. Protected as a geographical indication of the European Union, only fruit spirits mashed, distilled, matured and bottled, from four provinces of Hungary can be called "pálinka".

Distilleries Notes: Dark bourdon shining, soft silkiness, perfect harmony, lovely elegance- This is the Ruby Cherry. Facetious, spry, sour flavor in a sweety way, with straight fruit and alcoholic taste in the background. (38%) It is proposed by Panyolai Palinka Manufacturers to everybody who likes snifter...

Panyolai Ruby Sour Cherry Palinka

  • 100 % Sour Cherry


    38 % Alcohol strength

    0.5 L Bottle

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