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Importer of the Week: László Zupan

„The only way is to produce a unique product with local grape varieties and styles.”

Country: United Kingdom Company: The Drunk Maitre D Ltd. Labels so far: Tóth Ferenc Winery (Eger), Gál Lajos Winery (Eger), Wunderlich (Villány), Stier (Villány), Gere Tamás & Zsolt (Villány), Dolium (Villány), Hímesudvar (Tokaj)

When a young wanderer settles down

– Your previous experiences are well described on your website. Luxury hotel in Budapest, ocean cruise jobs, then London. Why did you settle down in the UK?

– I am asked this question frequently in the restaurant where I am working as a sommelier. I always say that „After 6 years on the sea, I have decided to settle on the land. So I called all my girlfriends around the world and the one in Norwich responded!” Of course, that’s just a joke, but the truth is not far. My fiancé was living here, so I settled here as well.

– As a bartender, barista, mixologist and sommelier, you have a great amount of choices. How important is wine in your life? Do you remember your first encounter with wines?

My first encounter I would say was, when I went with some friends to Villány for a weekend and visited 3 different wineries. Back then, I did not know anything about wine, I was just enjoying the tasting and my company. In my professional career as a bar manager wine was only a „must know the basics” part of my job. But I was always more interested in seeking ways to improve myself and widen my knowledge. I made my WSET level 2 in 2012 on the ocean cruiser and finished level 3 just recently. I am doing Level 4 right now, so I would say wine is playing a very important role in my life...

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