Italian Riesling revealed

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Published by László Zupán ·

9 September at 11:33 ·

Some of you might have heard of the Italian Riesling in Hungarian olaszrízling. This is Hungary's most planted grape variety. But most foreigners never heard about it and most Hungarians don t know that it's not even related to the German Riesling family. The origin is disputed, some say it originates from the French Champagne region and was brought to east Europe by the Romans. Since the German name for it is Welschriesling, which means "foreign" which some sources connect with the ancient Romans. But some researchers say it comes from the Balkan, since there are no plantations anywhere in western Europe apart from Germany and Austria. The Slavic name for it is Vlaska which refers to Wallachia in Romania. it is called Lasky riesling in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic, which is again a corruption of Vlassy or Wallachian. In Croatia, they call it Grasevina. And it is widely and successfully planted in all of these countries. The main attribute of the grape is acidity but compared with the "White" or "Rhein" Rieslings which are considered the noble and true riesling varieties from Alsace, by the French and German anyway, the Italian Riesling doesn't preserve itself for a long time. Most of the wines are to be drunk until they are fresh and young! And unfortunately, most of the Italian Riesling produced in Hungary has a bad reputation, because of mass production and very high acidity. And here is when Dr Lajos Gál comes in the picture. He is an independent winemaker and teacher on the Egrer university. He claims that his Italian riesling lasts for decades! This I can t confirm, but I do take his word for it, and the wine he is producing is truly one of the best Italian Rieslings I have ever tasted. If you want to taste this unique grape as well, you can order your bottle at our shop.

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